Brick + Mortar

A Collection of Lines

8.3.19 - 8.24.19

Join us for an opening reception on Saturday August 3rd, 6-9pm

A Collection of Lines is a big group exhibition of small works on paper featuring over 50 artists working or living within a 40 mile radius of the gallery.

The annex gallery space will concurrently be hosting a solo exhibition Plunge featuring new paintings by our Spring intern, Prior Reinhardt.

Exhibiting Artists:

Will Harmuth, Claire B. Marcus, Brian Wiggins, Allen Strombosky, Cara London, Richard Begbie, Lauren Kindle, Jane Dell, William Hudders, Giancarlo DeMarchi, Phillip Castaldi, Les Fletcher, Michele Melcher, Lucy Gans, Dot Paolo, Susan Morelock, Rachel Engh, Pat Badt, RH Doaz, Sam Tippett, Berendina Buist, Robin Tomlinson, Brandon Williams, Larry Dell, Albert Shivers, Monica Salazar, Maryann Riker, Nicole Gencarelli, Clara Kewley, Linda Feula, Scott Sherk, Judith Moore, Elie Porter Trubert, Julie Corredato, David D. Oquendo, Ellen Shaughnessy, Shirley Kern, Anne Spence, Bob Craig, Samantha Bachman, John Cahill, D’Andre Williams, Rachel E. Heberling, Christina Sorace MacKinnon, Cathy Stoops, Ghen Zando-Dennis, Will Rothfuss, Tija Matiss, Heather Tittle, Erin Pryor Gil, Michael Francis, Tony Williams, Danny Moyer, Melissa Meyer, Erica Hutchins, Joe Strasser, Joseph O’Neal, and Chaz Hampton.

Join us for a tandem opening reception of these exhibitions on Saturday August 3, 6-9pm