Brick + Mortar

Five Up

6.22 - 7.27

Join us for an opening reception on Saturday June 22, 6-9pm

5-UP is an exhibition of 5 established artists who are working with a variety printmaking techniques while exploring the human experience.  

Michael Dal Cerro uses the meticulous methods of printmaking by combining the centuries old technique of woodcuts with contemporary computer software in his process.  dal Cerro’s work reflects city sprawl, rapidly changing landscapes of “home”, and contemplates the idea of cities being “evolutionary creations that are the result of both chance and careful planning”  First image shown above “Model Homes”.

Adrienne Wheeler blurs the lines between spirituality, ancestry, oral history, and social engagement in her works.  Through the use of unlikely printing materials, Wheeler adds a new chapter to her family legacy by reappropriating family documents from private and public archives in the city of Newark, NJ.   Second image shown above “Wash + Iron” (partial triptych).

Anne Q McKeown explores the unruly forces of water and fire and the complex roles they both play in the world.  Fire and water come to us in different ways both as destruction and relief.   Unable to sustain life as we know it without either of these two universal elements, the fierce duality of her subject matter forces the viewer to consider their own connection to a greater global crisis.   Third image shown above “Water Water”

Terry Boddie is a photographer and multi-disciplinary artist. In the images from the series Ciphers, fragments of hair, specifically locks, are used to examine notion of time, it’s influence on individual and collective growth and how it intersects the development of a language that describes new experiences. Hair carries not only genetic traits but also the trace of time in its length. These fragments of locked hair form both an index of the time it took that hair to grow, and an alphabet in the making that describes the experiences of that time.   Fourth image shown above “Cipher 1”

Beginning the series in 2014 Stephen McKenzie has taken an in-depth look/reaction to the ever-expanding reach of gun culture in America.  Using a variety of materials to print on, McKenzie overlays advertisements and statistics providing a visual jumping off point in the exploration of the complex nature of America’s obsession with guns, and fosters a deeper connection between the viewer and those left behind by gun violence Fifth image shown above “New Grieving Family Every 7.5 Hours”